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Our 7/23 event "How can NJ move forward? Sharing the Colorado experience” was a HUGE success

To access our live stream WHEN WE ARE LIVE click on the <Event Leaf>

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Lenny Frieling, the past Executive Director of ColoradoNORML and a driving force behind A64 passing in CO. Lenny has studied the issues plaguing the NJ MMJ system and is coming to give us his valuable input.

This event is sponsored by NORML, LEAP, ColoradoNORML

This event has passed but a live stream copy will be posted soon for those who missed it.


Our commercial sponsors

Professional Audio Consultants
Millburn. NJ 182 Essex St.

Our event location sponsor; and the worlds nicest home theater systems

Leonard Frieling, Esq
Former Judge, Life member NORML Legal Committeee

Practice limited to Criminal Defense. Special expertise in Marijuana/DUI issues; Lenny is donating his travel costs and time to come to NJ to assist fixing our broken system. And seeing Joe Walsh (backing band Don Henley and Glenn Frye)

Canna-Saver,  coming to Denver, online everywhere

Donating toward food and rental-chairs for the event

UBhapE2, Boulder CO and on the web everywhere

Donated graphic art work for the event - created websites &

Electronic Enterprises, LLC, Sparta, NJ and ski slopes everywhere

Donating technical services including website, email and live streaming services and ski instruction


Free copy of CheckPlusBalance app to all involved ***

Instant Karma Vaporizersa

Donating toward food and rental-chairs for the event


Donating toward food and rental-chairs for the event

Our organization sponsors


National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Colorado NORML

Lending assistance from far away

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